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Hello - Generation American
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Time:02:04 pm
Hmm, this community's been quiet.

About yourself...

-Username/Nickname (what you'd like us to call you)

-Website link, if you have one.

-Where were you born? (i.e. in the US or in another country)

-What was your first language? Your second? Third?

-What ethnicity do you identify as? (i.e. Latino, Chinese, etc.)
American, but only because I don't believe in hyphenation. I'm more accurately an American of British heritage. My parents came to the US when my mother was pregnant with me. They've never gone back (except to visit), so my brother I were raised here.

About your culture...

-Name your favorite food that comes from your heritage/culture and tell us something about why you like it.

Bangers (pork sausages)--they're just good. Oh, and Smarties. You know, only in the US are Smarties those little tangy, powdery things. Everywhere else (such as in the UK), they're sugar-coated chocolate, similar to M&Ms. I much prefer them to M&Ms.

-What's one thing that you do in your culture that is different from American culture?

Tea? Dunno. We're not way different.

-What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to someone not understanding your ethnicity/culture? (i.e. people asking you where you came from, being weirded out by the food you eat, etc.)

People thinking a) it rains all the time in the UK, and b) the food sucks. As for A, well, you can't praise the beautiful gardens and then complain about the weather. And the food? Well, the options there are awful--no Mexican food. But I like British food.

-Name one thing your parents don't like/understand about American culture.

Hmm, the prudishness of television, maybe the nazi-esque smoking laws (and they don't even smoke or like it).

-Name one thing you don't like/understand about your own culture.

Lack of Mexican food.

-Have you ever visited the country you/your parents came from?
...if so, tell us something that you thought was different/interesting about it.

Heck yeah. We went every other year until I was 15. Then I didn't go for 13 years. Went for 2 weeks just recently. It rocks my socks. As for interesting or different... it just rocks my socks is all I can say. I love London's underground. We actually had good weather. I love the plants, the weeds, the rocks, every square inch of everything. I'd really like to move there one day, seriously. I've been thinking about it.

-Have you travelled to places in the US or other countries where you've felt like a foreigner/outsider?
...if so, tell us something that you thought was different/interesting about it.

Other than the US and UK, I've been to Ireland, France, and Mexico. I guess I felt foreign in France and Mexico. I hated France. Ireland was full of drunks. :-D Mexico's fine, but border towns suck except to get cheap stuff.

And lastly, just for fun...

-Tell us one random odd fact about yourself.

You don't want to go there, trust me. :-)

Please feel free to suggest additions to the interests list, or begin discussions. Thanks!
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Time:2004-09-27 09:00 pm (UTC)
Huh. Good to be reminded that not all new immigrants to the US are "ethnic." ;)

I went to London for the first time last year. It was a lot of fun. I didn't think the food was really that bad. If there was any complaint, it would be that things were really expensive.
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Time:2004-09-27 10:40 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, you a yaoi fan, too?

Yeah, the cost of living in the UK is high.
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Time:2004-09-27 11:20 pm (UTC)
Yep, definitely a yaoi fan.

London isn't very good if you're travelling on budget, but the Indian/Pakistani food is to die for. *__*
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Hello - Generation American
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