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Just because - Generation American
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Subject:Just because
Time:05:22 pm
A certain moderator of this community suggested I wander over and clutter it with my presence.

About yourself...

-Username/Nickname (what you'd like us to call you)
Rosas will do. Or, "Da," pronounced like, "duh!" Nah, just kidding. Call me "Rosas."

-Website link, if you have one. N/A

-Where were you born? (i.e. in the US or in another country)
New York

-What was your first language? Your second? Third?
Technically Chinese, but my primary language is English (technically my second). I'm trying to learn Chinese now as an adult student. My third language: German, which I took for a couple of months in school, but I can only count in German and recognize only isolated objects. Fourth, Spanish, from junior high and up. I only have a functional grasp of English, though.

-What ethnicity do you identify as? (i.e. Latino, Chinese, etc.)
Ethnicity is not nationality, nor citizenry. Ethnically I'm Chinese. My nationality is American.

About your culture...

-Name your favorite food that comes from your heritage/culture and tell us something about why you like it.

Honey, I have too many foods! I don't have a single favorite, it's all depends on opportunity and mood. For a very bland favorite, though, I happen to like my mother's boiled chicken with rice, just ginger and scallions plus soy sauce and oil. This is *not* typical of what I usually go for, it's just a comfort food.

-What's one thing that you do in your culture that is different from American culture?
Other than speaking (different language, naturally), I'd say the act of eating, which often employs chopsticks; cutting utensils at the table (like a knife) is not common, traditionally. This is a tough question, there is considerable distinctiveness in so many areas.

-What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to someone not understanding your ethnicity/culture? (i.e. people asking you where you came from, being weirded out by the food you eat, etc.)
Beyond the obvious already started in the parentheses, I'd say disdain shown for different cultural attitudes.

-Name one thing your parents don't like/understand about American culture.
Boldness and rudeness.

-Name one thing you don't like/understand about your own culture.
Intolerance of diversity and independent thinking.

-Have you ever visited the country you/your parents came from?
...if so, tell us something that you thought was different/interesting about it.

Never visited overseas. The closest exposure I've had is visiting Chinatown or the homes of some of our other relatives, or their friends. The interesting thing is how people seem to "click" into a certain vibe or mindset; I realize even I do it without realizing it. I can't verbalize it.

-Have you travelled to places in the US or other countries where you've felt like a foreigner/outsider?
...if so, tell us something that you thought was different/interesting about it.
Everytime I go outside of my apartment. Sheesh, more seriously, anytime I live a familiar neighborhood, or work environment. I've rarely left New York so whenever I've actually left, I always feel like a tourist, or foreigner.

And lastly, just for fun...

-Tell us one random odd fact about yourself.

My belly button is an innie. Does that count? XD
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Time:2004-09-27 11:25 pm (UTC)
*highfives fellow innie*
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Just because - Generation American
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